Motivational Canvas - The Personalized Black Amex

What is the ultimate motivation boost? 
The answer depends on who you are asking. Car enthusiast would like to own their dream car, aspiring actors and actresses would like to be on the Walk of Fame, but business owners and entrepreneurs seek only one goal: owing the black American Express credit card. 
Why? This credit card is the most desired one since it doesn't have any limit. You read that correct - the card does not have any limit. That's also the reason why you can't apply for this card. American Express personally will invite or contact you after you have shown a good track of using another card of them. 
They say you need to be a billionaire in order to get one. A billionaire. Yes, that's the ultimate goal isn't it? Now let's imagine you can have that credit card up your wall to remind you of what's possible and why you are doing what you are doing.
The road of an entrepreneur goes up and down. On some days you are more motivated than ever; on others you think 10 times about quitting. But you don't. You clench your teeth and continue to work. Continue to hustle. Now let's imagine you can look up to a black American Express card with your name on it. Sounds motivating? 
That's exactly why we designed the Black Card. It is made specifically to work as a visualization tool as well as motivation boost. No more lazy days. No more excuses. This canvas reminds you on a daily basis why you are doing what you are doing. It reminds you of what's possible; what you will be able to buy one day. Are you ready to change your life and increase your productivity instantly? 
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Piktori Team
Piktori - Personalized Black Amex Card

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