Motivational Canvas: Hobbys of Millionaires

What kind of hobbys do millionaires have? 
What do you do when you have time?
One thing that fascinates me is that millionaires seem to hang out in places where other millionaires are (naturally!). But what if you weren't born in a wealthy household and had to work your way to the top all by yourself? Chances are that you don't know how to golf, don't know how to sail and that you are not a part of a gentleman's club.
But guess what, this is exactly the place most millionaires spend their time on. They don't watch TV - they use their hobbies to socialize and network. Owning a yacht is an expensive hobby, but keeps your around wealthy (and successful!) people. The same with golfing. Did you know that the annual membership fees are usually $1000 and up!? 
But don't get me wrong: Don't buy yourself into a society! Get into new interests and hobbies which are synchronized with your work. Never do something you don't enjoy. 
If you enjoy art go to art exhibitions; if you like wine go to wine tastings, etc. Get out of your comfort zone and I guarantee that you'll find new and exciting partners to talk to. 

Until next time.
Piktori Team 

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