Motivational Canvas: The Luxury Watch of You Dreams

What is a status symbol in your eyes?

A mansion, a sport car or a luxury watch? Every human seeks accomplishments in life and we tend to project these accomplishments into materialistic things like a watch. 

Some people love showing off their luxury while others remain silent about their net worth. There is no right or wrong way to do it. In fact, it doesn't matter what you have, it's about how it makes you feel. And that's really the main reason why we buy expensive things that we probably don't need. 

Buying a watch for $25K does not give you more time than a $10 watch. But wearing such makes you feel a certain way. You'll get the feeling of success or accomplishment every human on this planet is seeking. You may even feel superior, but not in a negative way. 

Just look at those millionaires and billionaires you see online or on television. They've worked hard, maybe harder than you and I can imagine and their car or watch is reflecting their sweat and blood that went into this. 

People like to judge others quickly, especially when they have something that we don't. Some tend to get jealous or negative. Others, the winners of life, see those materialistic things as a motivation to work harder. To step out of their comfort zone or to start a new business. 

See, it's not the price tag of the watch that makes us proud, it's the value we associate with it. 80 hours/ weeks, risking your saving to that one business idea, bootstrapping your way to the top until you are finally able to buy whatever you want. That's what we are craving for. 

We want to open doors, that have been closed our whole life. We want to get in contact with people, who have been out of our reach. And yes, we want to afford the luxuries with a price tag that once equalled a whole salary of ours. 

At the end of the day, people are just trying to become a better version of themselves. It's everyone's own choice to show it off or not.

But there's one thing every watch has in common: 24 hours. Billionaires of this world and you have the exact same 24 hours per day. The rich just decides to use it on something else. What are you spending your 24 hours on? Netflix or reading book? Investing or spending? The decision is yours. 

We created a canvas with a BVLGARI watch valued at $26K to remind you that there's no perfect time in life. The time is now. And if it's your goal to buy a luxury watch, then go out there and work for it, because you can achieve it. This design will inspire and motivate you daily to take action NOW. 

Piktori Perfect Timing Canvas

You deserve it!

To your success,
Piktori Team

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