Stay Hungry - Motivational Wall Art for Your Success

“Many successful founders were not wealthy when they began. They were hungry for success.” 
Eric Ries

Yes, that is correct. Whether you are planning on becoming a successful entrepreneur or the next billionaire, hunger for success is the force that keeps you motivated. For staying hungry, inspiration and motivation play a major role in shaping your future, but the million-dollar question is how to stay motivated? Well, the quick and easy answer is “Art," or you can say motivational art prints.

Motivational art plays a significant role in inspiring people while curbing their love for art. Piktori has taken up the task of providing pictorial masterpieces in the form of inspirational wall art that offers a strong stimulus. It doesn't really matter if you are an aspiring businessman or a student; stimulation is the key to attaining the utmost success. 

However, not all motivational wall prints are created equal, plus inspirational canvas art with the imagery works way better than those with only words. Therefore, Piktori has approached art enthusiasts in an unusual way by coming forward with a Stay Hungry canvas art because you cannot be an entrepreneur if you are not hungry for success.

What is the Stay Hungry Canvas all about?

“Sometimes it’s not about who has more talent, it’s about who’s hungrier.” Anonymous

Take a look at the unique canvas motivational art piece and tell us, don’t you feel immediately energized just by looking at the vibrant colors of the motivational poster?

Sure. You do. The iconic display of hunger for victory makes this poster a perfect image to be hung inside your home, on the wall of your study room or office. Piktori has recently come forward with this unusual form of motivational wall art that is a unique representation of success and is also designed to put a smile on your face.

The motivational canvas print makes you believe that the satiation for success will be fulfilled once you stay positive, ambitious, and driven. And it does so in a light and fun manner. You will many successful people, especially entrepreneurs talking about how their hunger for success made them turn their dreams into reality such as Post Malone once said;

 “I’m hungry. I’m ready to grow.”

Why is that so? Well, it's simple; hunger is a synonym for success. Therefore, our Stay Hungry motivational print is all about “be hungry, be positive, be ambitious and be driven” because

“If you want to do anything worthwhile in your life, you got to be hungry.”
Les Brown

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Piktori's Motivational Canvas Keeps The Fire Inside of You On

Our designs are not just office wall art or canvas artwork; they carry a deep message. Just by looking at our picturesque image hanging on the wall of your office or home, you are bound to be swayed and motivated in a variety of ways. 

So, if you wish to be the sole owner of a sports car parked in the garage of your Hollywood mansion, just know that nothing is impossible once you strive to make it happen. 

That is exactly what Stay Hungry poster is all about; it makes you starve for success, so you don’t feel satiated until you have achieved your goals. The main objective of this wall art is to energize you with a boost of positive motivation. It is because

"If you really want something, you will work hard for it.”
Edmund Hillary

So, you are looking for motivation wall art for home, office or even gym; Piktori is the place to shop from if you wish to grab some unusual inspirational wall prints.

Does Motivational Wall Art Work?

Yes, we know. This question will be the top of your head now. The short and straightforward answer is, "Yes, it does." No, we are not saying this, research has proved.  

According to a survey of employees, office motivation wall art is essential for feelings of productivity and wellbeing.  Around 82% of employees told that art was integral in the office environment, while 73 percent said their company view would change negatively if the company remove the art. That ought to tell you the importance of motivational art for productivity and work performance.

According to research, office décor casts a significant impact on employees working within an office, ranging from mood to productivity to morale to the ultimate performance. In an independent research study, it was found that working in an official environment in the presence of motivational art pieces improved employee performance success rate by 33%.

The effects were higher for the group of employees who were surrounded by art pieces compared to the employees' group that was not and made 60% more money. So, aren't motivation art prints an incredible ROI for a minor investment.

The amazing part is that it was only a two-week trial study, so imagine having one motivational art piece for longer. We are sure you will see the charm of success unfold, given your newfound motivation and positivity.

Final Verdict

“Stay hungry. Feast on success.”

Success is difficult, but only for those who quit and those who don't, they need to stay hungry. So, bring out the hunger you have stored over the years with Piktori Stay Hungry motivational canvas art. If you aspire to be the richest man in your street or the next business tycoon, our success canvas art is designed to enhance your drive to achieve your goals. 

And do not forget;

“Be hungry for success, hungry to make your mark, hungry to be seen and to be heard and to have an effect. And as you move up and become successful, make sure also to be hungry for helping others.” 
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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