Individual Masterpiece

Yourself on canvas - the ultimate status symbol.

We are the only company which designs individual and customized masterpieces on canvas. Our team of professional designers will focus on showing you in the best light possible.  



Our designers will work closely with you to create a masterpiece of your dreams.
Depending on the canvas size, style and finishing, the cost per canvas (0.75 depth) is:
12 x 16 inches = $290
18 x 24 inches = $350
30 x 40 inches = $450
36 x 48 inches = $600
45 x 60 inches = $900
If you prefer your canvas to have a 1.25 inches depth please add $50 to the final price and additional $100 if you want the canvas to have a Black Floating Frame (only available with a 1.25 depth). 
A deposit of $100 is needed upfront and will be subtracted from the final invoice.